Photo Blogging Challenge – January

Photo blogging Challenge

January’s Theme:


I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to participate this month or not.  I was so bummed I couldn’t participate last month because of my back fusion surgery.   But, imagine my excitement when I saw the topic this month was one that I could complete within my home!  Once I saw that, I was ready to jump back into the challenge.  If your interested in participating and joining the group, check out PJ’s blog,  A ‘lil Hoohaa :)

Here are my submissions:


Some of my sons favorite games that I enjoy watching them play.


Taught my youngest how to play monopoly just this last year. Patience is a must…. 🙂


My type of games.  These have been my life lately, during my recovery.


Both of my boys play baseball and have already started camps to prepare them for the upcoming season and tryouts.  I am so ready for baseball season and the warmer weather that it brings with it!


Both of my boys also play basketball.  I enjoy going to the games on my “less-pain” days aka my “good” days.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures this month.  If you would like to see other photos from this challenge please visit PJ’s Blog and the links at the bottom of the page will direct you to the other participants in this challenge.


8 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – January

  1. I’m happy that this theme was one you could do indoors and that you could participate! There have been some awesome submissions so far! I can imagine the word seeks and puzzle books have been good for you as well! Hopefully next month’s theme will work out well for you, too!


  2. That’s a great set of photos. I especially like the recurring red and blue throughout – another point tying them all together.

    Your comment about Monopoly requiring patience brought back memories from when our boys were first learning to play Monopoly. It was great for reinforcing basic addition and subtraction. But it always got to me how long the games would last, so we eventually came up with a way to limit play to one hour. Trouble was, our oldest eventually cottoned onto the fact that a time-limited game required different strategies than a regular game and after that it was no fun for our youngest. So it’s been a few years since we played. Maybe it’s time to pull it out again…

    Glad you were able to join in this month.


  3. Very funny that you included Monopoly and added that it was a game that required patience. I had Monopoly Jr on my list and called original Monopoly the Jr’s wicked stepbrother. 🙂
    My boys just got a PS4 for Christmas, and they like their basketball game the best.


    1. I so agree with the “wicked stepbrother” comment! It is a game that can go on and on and on! Oh-My goodness. I have purposely went bankrupt buy buying too many properties then not being able to pay rent on his in order to end the game…. Shhhh! 🙂


  4. so sorry to hear about your back fusion. Hope you are doing well in recovery. You chose a great selection and variety of games! Monopoly drives me insane. I hide the box when possible. 🙂


    1. I am not a big board game player, I much prefer cards….but when the youngest insists on wanting to learn seeing they got the game for Christmas what can you do other than teach them how to play…. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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