What I’m working on… is it really working when your having fun?

I’m kinda a straight to the point kind of person. So, let’s just jump right in….This is a list of what I am working on.

1.  Building this blog:

With the new role out of my goals, I have worked hard trying to get organized.   So far I am trying a blogging calendar and quick notes on my phone to jot down topics or links that will help me. This is a challenge all in its own! 🙂

How do you stay organized?  What works for you?

2. Taking a *FREE* class  on Adobe Photoshop (You can find it here)

It has great video tutorials that show you step by step, the different features to Adobe Photoshop.  I have found it helpful thus far.  However, I have found that If I don’t replicate the teaching on my own, I don’t retaining it.  So, this class it taking some time to get through.

What photography or software classes have you found helpful?

3. 52 week photo challenge

I am not following any sort of format.  Yet, I do have a couple on hand in case I run short of creative ideas. I’m just taking a photo, each week, for a year. My hope for this is to be able to look back over the earlier weeks and see how I have grown as a photographer.  This coming Friday, I will be posting my first photo.  I would love it if you would stop back by and check it out.

How do you challenge yourself to become better?

4.  Creating Craft Tags

I love working with paper and creating different things.  This started by one day browsing pinterest for what should have been a few minutes (which ALWAYS leads to at least a loss of a half an hour to an hour!) and finding some adorable ideas.  I had a ton of paper, and of course the punches too (that have also been untouched for months) So, I thought December will be here before you know it and wanted to get a head start.

What is your go to, relaxing craft or hobby?

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