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Keeping with the meditation topic (I may see a theme for this week 🙂 ), I continue to work on the ability to meditate.  It was first mentioned to me about a year ago that I should try meditation to help with my chronic pain.  Their instruction to me was to just focus on my breath.  The problem with that?  My brain decides to go off on its own tangent.  I couldn’t stay focused.  So, I gave up.  My brain just wasn’t meant to meditate.  I wasn’t good at it.

It wasn’t until recently when another doctor mentioned meditation.  I told him I had tried it and it didn’t work.  He looked at me puzzled and asked why?  I told him my reasoning and it sounded a little like this, “It’s my brain, it’s constantly going and I can’t turn it off.  I can’t sit somewhere and not think about anything.  His response to me was,

That’s a normal response when you first start to meditate.  Your brain WILL wander and want wander often.  What you do is allow it to wander, acknowledge that it wandered and bring the focus back to your breath.  Over time, your brain will be able to stay focused for longer periods of time, with out wandering.  To become good at meditation, it takes time and practice.  As an example, You can’t get up one day and run a marathon, you have to train.  Meditation takes training and time to learn how to do it.  Just keep trying.

So I thought, why not.  I have nothing to lose. I now use it as a way to relax in the evening, as I have a difficult time falling a sleep (Sleep?!? What’s that!?!) I have seen a mild improvement since I started however, it’s still a work in process. I continue to work on reigning my brain in, and learning to relax. I am hoping, as time goes by and I continue to work on staying focused on just my breath, that it will get even easier.


For more information on meditation, here are a couple great websites/blogs::

Have you tried meditation before?

If so, what type of meditation works for you?

 If not, what have you found that helps you relax?  

What are you working on?


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