Well, I survived!

Well I survived my 6th back surgery.

This one was minor compared to the others though. Spinal cord stimulator implant and laminectomy. I will now proudly wear a complete scar running up my back with only a small segment that hasn’t been touched. Lucky me! I worked really hard for those scars 🙂

I am still on a lot of restrictions, you who have gone through it, know the routine.

    • No driving
    • No lifting
    • No bending
    • No twisting
    • No squatting
    • No housework (Oh darn!)
    • Keep the incisions dry (I have 2 this time, again lucky me, right?)
    • Start slow, but we want you to get up and move a little at a time
      ….and so on…..

All in all, I think this may be the one that has helped the most. It isn’t about not feeling the pain anymore, cause I still have it. It didn’t go any where. Everytime I turn off my stimulator, it reminds me!  I even have some break through pain with the stim on. BUT,

The relief has come mentally with this surgery.

I can go on walks now, short ones, but still it gets me out of the house! On my own even! It has given me just a small piece of the freedom I used to have, back. Before I was in the house for long periods of time or if I did go out, I was in serious pain within a short time. Now, I can walk! I feel my muscle get sore now instead of my back giving up on me right way! I can’t think of why I ever hated the feeling of tired muscles.  It is the little improvements that made this surgery so worth it!

I have come to the realization that I not be able to go back to work (although I will always, ALWAYS hold out hope for that someday…), but if this can give me back some quality of life, it was worth it!  It’s a been really tough road for me and my family, mentally, emotionally, physically, you name it!  However, it has taught me so much!  (*Note to self* a future blog post <~~ I still have the memory lapses…The stim didn’t rid me of that fun!).


and a


I am going to succeed


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