Capture Life’s Little Moments – Already a year old!!!

A YEAR… Already?!!

When I started this blog, I was just a lady battling the day to day life with chronic pain.  I had taken on a new hobby, photography, and I had nowhere to post them or rather share them.  I wanted an outlet to share them with others for sheer enjoyment.  In this last year however, it has become more than just my photos. It has moved between photography and my chronic pain experiences.

It’s hard to ignore the struggles that stare back at you each and everyday and not acknowledge it.  I came to the realization this last year that I was trying to deal with my chronic pain struggles on my own.  But, there are a bunch of us Chronic Pain warriors out here in the blogosphere.  I found it to be a great resource for helping me deal with my struggles and I thought why not share some of my experiences. If I could impact, relate, or help just one person, it would be worth the vulnerability I felt while sharing.  

In the coming year I want to continue to work on blogging more consistently, while continuing to share random photographs and sharing my chronic pain experiences.

I want to thank you, those that follow this blog, for sticking with me through this blogs infancy.

Thank you!


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