Photo Blogging Challenge – October

Photo blogging Challenge

October’s Theme:

Close Up!!

Taking close up photos are one of my most favorite!  I find it so much fun to get up close and personal with the little things in life!  In these photos I tended to take more of an abstract approach. Here are my submissions.  Hope you enjoy!

  1. Flower Petals.  Not many days left in Minnesota to enjoy the flowers, unless you go inside, of course.

Flower Petals

2. The Underside of a Mushroom Cap.  I was on a walk the first week of October and saw this mushroom growing out of a tree about 6 feet off the ground!  A perfect opportunity for a different perspective… As there is no getting one the ground for me, to take a picture :).

Mushroom Cap

3. Hydrangea.  My in-laws have the prettiest bushes in their front yard and every year I love to take pictures of them in the fall!


4.  Bark of a Tree.  This was just a whim of a photo and I just so happen to like how it turned out.

Bark of a Tree

5. Fall Leaves.  This photo was taken on my first walk after surgery and I just couldn’t help to enjoy the fall colors that were already starting to take place!

Fall Leaves

Hope you enjoyed the pictures this month.  If you would like to see other photos from this challenge please visit PJ’s Blog and the links at the bottom of his page will direct you to the other participants in this challenge.


5 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – October

  1. Those are beautiful closeups.The flower petals and mushroom fins would make great cards, IMO. As for the hydrangea blossoms, I’m so happy to see at least a photo of them in autumn. I’ve been nursing along 3 hydrangea plants for 5 years now. Usually the deer eat the flowers. This year they were the victims of a major hailstorm in August. Maybe next year I’ll see them IRL in my front garden!


  2. blogginginpa

    Oh I love the pink flowers and the hydrangas as well! How do you get that effect? It almost looks like a water color painting, very cool!


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