Do you have a favorite place?


Day 2: 20 Days of Chill

Topic: Your Favorite Place

After thinking about this for a while, I’d have to say my favorite place is Grand Marais, MN. It’s located in Northern Minnesota, on Lake Superior.

This small little town has a quaint feeling.  When you drive into town you park and all of the stores are at your finger tips.  There isn’t any need to drive location to location.  All of the stores are in walking distance to one another.  Whether you want to eat at the local cafe or need something from Ben Franklin. The people, the environment, and the feeling you get when you visit Grand Marais, has the typical small town feel.

The lake is my favorite part of this town. One day Lake Superior will be so calm that the water looks like glass. Yet, other times it will be so rough that the waves will be crashing up and over the break walls that protect the harbor. The rock beach is the perfect place to take a comfortable chair and sit and read a book all afternoon.

In Grand Marais, you have four very different seasons. In the Spring you have all the flowers blooming.  Summer, the weather is perfect…rarely hits 80. In the fall the leaves are changing colors and falling and blowing in the wind.  Winter is spectacular, of you don’t mind the cold.  The water will freeze up and over the rocks leaving a cap of ice. If you’re careful, you can lift the ice caps off the rocks.  When you do, it looks like an ice bowl that just sparkles.  The lake effect snow is just beautiful.  One could sit and watch the snow fall for hours.  Throughout all of the seasons, on clear nights, the stars that you can see are never ending.

For me, Grand Marais is a little bit of heaven on earth. Just thinking about it and thinking of all the times my family and I have been in that small town, just brings a smile to my face.  When you’re up there all your worries fade away.

Grand Marais Harbor
Grand Marais Harbor

What’s your favorite place?


3 thoughts on “Do you have a favorite place?

  1. Your words give a good sell to this place. I love towns like this. Quaint and beautiful. That photo at the end of your post makes me want to go there! 🙂


  2. webfoot5

    One of the states I haven’t visited yet is Minnesota. Thanks for helping it get bumped up on my bucket list. Sounds like a very interesting place.


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