Life Just Wouldn’t Be The Same


Today’s 20 Days of Chill writing prompt is, “Life just wouldn’t be the same.” There are so many directions to go with this statement.  There’s family, illnesses, struggles, pets, friendships, and the list could go on and on.  However the one that weighs on my heart the most is my chronic pain.  Having chronic pain has been such a struggle for me as well as my family.

One moment you know your life one way, and then one thing can happen and your whole world changes.  My body no longer can do the things I once could.  I used to be able to run, jump and play with my kids, go for long walks, go boating and camping with my family.  All of that changed when chronic pain took over my body.

Relationships change as they grow and learn to adapt to the new way of life, dealing with a relative, friend, parent, or spouse that is in constant pain. There are accommodations all must make to live in this world with someone in pain.  It’s not easy for any party involved.

My coping mechanisms changed. Dealing with multiple doctors, some of them acting as if it’s all in your head and others that just want to slap a label on you and throw medications at the pain.  Also, the pain wears on you mentally, physically and emotionally.  I do a lot of meditation and rely heavily on my family for support.

Yet, there are some things that being in constant pain has taught me. I have learned to be more patient with myself and others.   Life doesn’t have to be lived at a fast pace.  Life can be enjoyed just as well at a slow pace, enjoying each minute that passes rather than flying around with my hair on fire and having everything scheduled out and planned.  Sometimes the best moments are times when nothing is scheduled and you can just appreciate the time spent with whomever you are with.  I have also learned insight.  Those that struggle every day, don’t always have a cast, crutches or are in a wheel chair.  Sometimes, they look just like a regular person making their way in this world.  Yet underneath they are fighting the worst struggle of their lives.

Some people say things happen in life for a reason… I am still wondering why I have been granted everyday with chronic pain. Life just wouldn’t be the same. There are good and bad things that come from change.



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2 thoughts on “Life Just Wouldn’t Be The Same

  1. Definitely an interesting take on this theme. Sorry that you have to go through with the chronic pain. But inspiring that you’ve grasped this and looked at it in a different way and allowed your life to change in parts for the better. Thanks for sharing this story with the challenge!


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