Life’s Turning Points


Isn’t every minute of every day a chance for a turning point? Each day a person makes choices in their live that will impact the rest of their life.  All of those moments, had another choice been made, may have lead you down a completely different path.  Do some decisions have more of an impact than others?  I guess it depends.  The choice to be a wife, husband, mother, or father.  Those are major turning points in life. But what about other choices?  Classes to take? College to go to? Do I even want to go to college? Possible military career? The company one chooses to keep?  Our choices of what we watch and read, filling our mind with ideas that impact the thoughts we have. Thus changing how we may respond to a situation that we are faced with. Choices we are making every day, lead to the turning points in our lives.



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5 thoughts on “Life’s Turning Points

  1. webfoot5

    Turning points happen all the time. Each decision you make means one path has disappeared. I often think how my life had been different had I decided to do my student teaching up north as opposed to Southern California. My kids wouldn’t exist in their present form, that’s for sure.


  2. It’s definitely an interesting way to look at the whole situation. It’s very true that pretty much anything you do in life can be a turning point. Hopefully, though, all will be for good. 🙂


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