Summer Rains


ARealize how blessed you truly arell curled up with a blanket, a good book, a cup of tea and the sound of the rain coming in through the slightly opened window. That is my idea of a perfect summer day. No sounds to be heard other than the pitter patter of the summer rain. However, my reality says something different.  If it is raining on a summer day that means that my boys are in the house playing video games and of course teasing each other till it gets out of hand and leads to yelling.  What happened to the quiet book reading that was supposed to happen while listening to the rain?  I can no longer focus on the book with the commotion and the sound of rain was quickly over taken with the sound of my boys.  But all too soon, those summer rains will be quiet days at home, and I will think back and remember my boys and smile and miss these crazy days.


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5 thoughts on “Summer Rains

  1. The falling rain can be very relaxing. Boys yelling, not so much, and yet you will that sound when they’re grown. All moments are precious in their own way.


  2. This is what summer rain is like at my friends houses who have children. I don’t have any kids, but I’ve fond memories of relaxing during summer rain with my dog. Sadly he’s not with us anymore. He was a very homely dog who didn’t like to be outside for long. We would sit together during the downpour and look outside through the window. I must say I like your gallery of photos.


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