A Dose of Vitamin N

I have to admit, I had to look up what vitamin N was for this writing challenge today.  I had never heard of the outdoors, nature, referred too as vitamin N before.

I love being outdoors.  However this time of year posses a few more troubles for me.  The snow, ice and the fear of falling out weighs the enjoyment.  But, any other time I love to be outside and of course that means bringing my camera with me.  So, for today I decided I would just reshare some of the photographs that I have taken while getting a dose of vitamin N.  I hope you enjoy them.


Entering the Harbor
This one was taken in Grand Marais from the harbor, looking out onto Lake Superior.
A flower that was in my mother-in-laws garden.
A flower that was blooming along side a walking path.
Spider Having Dinner
A spider that was enjoying his meal.  He decided to take up residence by our garbage cans and to our surprise one morning we found him snacking on this little morsel.
Sunset at Ojibway Resort
Sunset at Ojibway Resort, in Northern Minnesota
Finally got a fire going.

Bee_CaptureLifesLittleMomentsToday’s post was a part of the 20 days of chill writing challenge that is hosted by PJ at hoohaablog.com.  If your interested in what the other participants are writing please check out his blog, as that is where we are all linking up.  Please feel free to Like, Comment and Share 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Dose of Vitamin N

  1. I had to look it up too! I love the outdoors, just not when it’s cold and windy, unless there is snow!
    I love your pictures, especially the spider one. I have a hard time getting a good spider in a web picture.


  2. webfoot5

    I think we all looked it up. I particularly like your lighthouse shot. But then again, I’m usually a sucker for lighthouses.


  3. I know I had to look it up, that’s for sure! These are some great photos. Thanks for sharing them. I love the closeup of the flower (second photo). Really nice.


  4. I guess I’m the strange duck…didn’t have to look it up. I’ve been trying for a daily dose of Vitamin N ever since my kids started attending a local public charter school where overnight camps and outdoor classroom time were part of the deal. One thing about Vitamin N that I especially like, is that it’s free.


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