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My oldest son is almost 17 years old and from a very young age he has wanted to play professional sports.  Many kids do, but then some grow out of it, and aspire to do something else. However, my son, has continued to pursue sports.

His love is for baseball!

He started out as one of those little t-ballers with a mitt that is so stiff that it’s hard to close.  He has now grown into a young man that plays club baseball year round.  His short term dream is to play college ball.  But, long term, he would love nothing more than to play professionally.

That is where today’s topic comes in, dreams.  From a young age, my son has heard that is an impossible dream.  Don’t get your hopes up, choose something else. One day he came home from school, he had to be in the 4th grade, and he was upset.  He had told me that his teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He told her a baseball player. The teacher’s response… well that isn’t likely to happen so pick something else.  It broke my heart and it was apparent that his was too. How do you crush a little kid’s dream, no matter what it is?

That comment that the teacher made had such an impact on him.  He still brings it up on occasion.  When a teacher has that much impact on a child, imagine the impact it would have if it had been positive and reassuring of his desires. He was just a little fourth grader.  However, we have talked quite a bit now that he has gotten older that there are always possibilities in life, and to keep pushing for your dreams no matter what they are.

Never give up on your dreams

no matter how small or grandiose.

Don’t ever let the fear of not making the odds scare you away from your dream. There are people out there living your dream, they are the proof that it happens.  Don’t listen to those nay Sayers, and if you do, as my son has said, take that feedback and use it as motivation.

Turn the negativity into your motivation

Even if the odds are against you, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

pursue dreams

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8 thoughts on “Pursue your dreams

  1. Teachers should definitely encourage.

    Becoming a pro ball player isn’t easy, that’s for sure. And making the majors is like hitting the lottery (literally and figuratively), but I’d never give up on it. Go to college, play ball, and see what happens. Even if he can play a little in the independents or latch on to a Single-A team — it’s still professional baseball. Is it a longshot? Probably, but never give up on it!


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