My favorite…


Today’s topic for the 30 days of chill writing challenge is My Favorite Food

Mine has to be crab legs, and pasta (Oh, and bread and anything with LOTS of SUGAR.  How could I forget?!)

My love of food started when I was a little kids and my grandparents would come home for the summer and stay with us.  They wintered in Florida, and actually still do. However, those summers I remember baking with my grandma.  Not the store bought, mix type stuff, but the good old fashion, from scratch recipes.  Cakes and cookies and then more cakes and cookies. In my eyes, my grandma will always be the one who taught me how to bake.

My favorite snack to bake is

chocolate chip or M & M cookies. 

Just like my grandma was always the baker, my mom was always the cook.  She never fed us stuff from a box (with the exception of macaroni and cheese). So, I learned a lot of my cooking skills from her. Too this day we (my husband and I) still home cook most of our family meals, with an exception here and there.  It just always seems to taste better.

My favorite meal to make is

lasagna or manicotti.

I also married into a family that loves food.  My mother in-law is a great cook and baker too.  She is the one who has taught me how to bake breads, anything from dinner rolls, to bread sticks, to caramel rolls and cinnamon rolls. Once I realized how easy they  are to make (courtesy of my bread machine) I rarely buy any of those items any more.

What is your favorite food

to eat and/or make?   

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