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January’s Theme: INSIDE

Inside was a good topic for this month.  The weather here in Minnesota just wasn’t conducive to being outside.  A lot of the month of January was spent wrapped up in a blanket, laying on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or tea trying to stay warm. I hope you are all staying warm!  Here are my submissions for this month…

  1. FROST – This was taken one evening from the inside of our storm door on a cold morning.  The frost always makes such beautiful designs on the window and each time they are so different.Frostc
  2. SNOWFLAKES – One of the times I did venture out this last month, I was headed to a doctor’s appointment.  As I pulled into the parking spot it started to snow.  This was taken from the inside of my car looking out onto the edge of the window.snowc
  3. OH NO! MY COFFEE’S GONE! – It’s always a tragedy when the inside of my mug doesn’t have some coffee in it.coffeec
  4. MONSER, THE “OTHER” COFFEE – The little drop on the inside tab is only a small idea of what lies within.Monsterc
  5. MY FAVORITE CANDY – In order to to get inside this wrapper to get to the nummy goodness you have to unwrap it twice?



Bee_CaptureLifesLittleMomentsHope you enjoyed the pictures this month.  If you would like to see other photos from this challenge please visit PJ’s Blog and the links at the bottom of his page will direct you to the other participants in this challenge.


18 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge

  1. You did awesome with this theme. Some of the things you accomplished were ones I had in my mind and just couldn’t get it done. That coffee mug one is excellent. Love the tab, too. Never would have thought of that — though I don’t drink Monster drinks! Haha. And love that Toblerone shot especially in black and white. Great job this month!


  2. Your photos are amazing, I love the frosty window, the layers and textures within it make it look like abstract art. The snowflakes from inside your car window are just brilliant. The colours are so vibrant in all your images. Can’t wait to see more of your photography.


    1. Thanks. I was a little worried this month as I don’t carry around my camera in the winter, thus these are all cell phone pics. I am way too apt to fall and or drop it while falling in this wintery, icy mess. I am really glad you like them!


  3. katherinez

    These are wonderful photos. You have GREAT talent. The drop on the monster is excellent. The first picture is just WOW…. and the coffee? It almost made me cry. 🙂


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