10 self-care steps when dealing with pain

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Don’t get stuck in a routine. Switch things up a bit.
  3. Do some light exercise.
  4. Find something fun to do.
  5. Focus on the positives (Stay away from the A.N.T.’s. ~ the automatic negative thoughts).
  6. Laugh.
  7. Ask for help if you need it.
  8. Calendar yourself in (even if it is only 5 minutes).
  9. Meditate/Relax.
  10. Write/Journal (get your feelings and thoughts down).


TuesdaysAtTen Today’s post was a part of the, “Tuesdays @ 10 ” writing challenge that is hosted by Finding The Grace Within .  Today’s topic was “Care”. If your interested in what the other participants are writing, please check out her blog, as that is where we are all linking up.  Please feel free to Like, Comment and Share 

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