52 Weeks of Photographs

52 Weeks of Photographs | #26

I have had a lot of fun doing this 52 weeks of photographs and  I can’t believe that this is already week 26!

This is by far one of my favorites!  

My oldest is taking a digital photography class in high school this semester, and one of his assignments was a double exposure photograph.  One night, he and I got to spend some time working on a photo together doing some editing.  I tried to help, but the program that the school was using was, “So much easier” so he was going to just finish it up in school the next morning, rather than relearn a different version of Photoshop.

The collage below is not his last version or even his edited version.  It was however his photos and his overlay.  So, this is a revised version of how it was left, before he finalized it at school. I hope you enjoy it.

The life of a high school student.
The life of a high school student.



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