Pushing my limits

There are days that I say SCREW IT.

Long story short,  I pay for it.

For those that suffer with chronic pain, there are things that we have to still do in order to keep our sanity.  And sometimes that means leaving the house and going on a long walk, at the state fair.  That’s exactly what I did this last weekend.  I was asking for punishment, I know!  I know my bodies limits. But, I went to the state fair anyways. We, my family and I, walked and walked a lot!  I didn’t do anything stupid like rides, or any crazy games (I left that to my son), I just walked.  I took all the precautions, muscle relaxers, pain meds and frequent breaks. But, I knew while doing it, that the outcome would be a rough few days after.

Here I am, 2 days after, and I am still recovering and will be for at least a few more days.  Yesterday, consisted of more meds, heating pads, a lot of sleeping, and limited shuffling around the house.  Today, I for see the same.  Laying low and taking care of my aching, painful body.

 But it was worth it. It was SO worth it. 

The mental break of being out of the house, among other people, laughing, smiling, and enjoying myself, makes the pain of the recovery worth it.

So, my motto while recovering will be…



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