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New technology to help with chronic pain

I recently read a blog post on, that was written by G. Peterson, titled “Can Virtual Reality Relive Pain?” With virtual reality and the technology that is now readily available to the everyday person, a person that suffers with chronic pain could use virtual reality as a tool to distract oneself from the pain?  It’s called Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT).  It is used as a tool to distract the mind from the pain.  The article states,

Virtual reality has consistently been demonstrated to decrease pain, anxiety, unpleasantness, time spent thinking about pain and perceived time spent in a medical procedure for patients that are suffering chronic pain. Healthcare providers are realizing that VRT increases patient health outcomes while decreasing anxiety and distress

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My first reaction to this was, interesting. As an alternative to adding yet more medication to a chronic pain sufferers plate, I think that this is yet another option for some to try.  But I do think that it requires an open mind.  To allow yourself to relax, to be open to letting your mind venture off into the virtual reality environment that they are trying to show you.  I see this as a short reprieve from the pain, as once you turn the virtual reality  therapy off, depending on how relaxed or distracted you can keep your mind, the pain could return more quickly in some.  However, If it were made available to me, I would certainly try it. Anything to try and rid myself of the constant pain, even if it is only for a short time frame.  The positive to this type of treatment is the lack of horrid side effects that some of the medications that are out there have.  The worst that could maybe come from this is motion sickness.

Here is a YouTube video that covers the treatment:


Here is the link to the original post:  Can Virtual Reality Relieve Pain? — ManageYourPain.Info.

 Let me know  what your thoughts are.  

Would you try this treatment?

7 ways to love yourself

“You can never deplete your love by giving it away. Why not give yourself to love?” – Debasish Mridha Did you mention your wits, your ingenuity, your “stick-to-it-ness” attitude, your awesomeness or did you fall under the trickster’s spell category and say “oh no! Nothing about me is special? It’s just an illusion! It’s high…

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